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Lowcountry Capital

A capital investment firm that believes in collaboration and long term partnership


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ABOUT Lowcountry
Lowcountry Capital Partners is a newly formed investment bank helping middle-market businesses find new strategic and financial opportunities.
How We Helped
Focusing on the elements unique to the area, we built a brand and digital presence that feels established and open. focusing on the live oak tree, and river inlet, two staples of the southern fauna, we developed Lowcountry's mark to work on a variety of mediums.
Deep Cove
Denim Blue
Storm Grey
THE Goal

Showcase Credibility & Expertise

Lowcountry needed a completely new website that could function well on mobile devices and present the different facets of their business in an easy to understand way.

Using the Webflow platform, we launched a responsive and rich experience that makes it easy for potential partners and businesses to grasp how Lowcountry can help them.
"The Team at Dodeka Digital was terrific to work with and exceeded our expectations. They worked with us to create a brand and image that we are proud to display. The website they developed helps us portray our brand to clients and partners while separating ourselves from our competitors."
Brock Baldwin
THE Outcome
Lowcountry is now in a position to expand their portfolio with an impactful brand. Through the website, potential investors and businesses are able to quickly understand Lowcountry's differentiators and unique offerings