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Blueprint Homes

Building a clean, user-friendly experience for customers looking to sell their Atlanta based home.


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lead Increase within one month of launching
About Blueprint
Blueprint brings transparency to the home-selling process, allowing home-owners to get rapid, no fuss quotes to sell their home quickly.

Growing awareness through digital

The home-buying market in Georgia is incredibly competitive, so Blueprint needed a way to stand out from their competition.

Most of the companies in this space have old, clunky websites that are difficult to navigate and understand.

We sought to differentiate Blueprint by creating a website that felt fresh and modern, with content that was easy to navigate and understand.
Dodeka helped create a plan for our small business and did a great job of creating a web presence that portrayed our mission and services to our target audience. I left each meeting with the Dodeka team feeling educated and excited about the direction our project was heading. Dodeka was quick to provide input and direction in areas where we were we needed it most to help shape and grow our brand.
Adam Simons
Director of Operations
THE Outcome
Blueprint began receiving it's first inbound leads within less than a month of launching, giving its sales team a new channel for deal sourcing, and providing its customers with a much-needed modernized experience.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in leads within one month of launching

<1 Month

Website Build